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Class Hierarchy
This inheritance list is sorted roughly, but not completely, alphabetically:
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|\CBitmapDataWraps the creation of a BITMAP struct from a HBITMAP
oCFontParamsFont parameters with everything set to default
oCGdiObject< HANDLE_T >Basic GDI class that automatically deletes the handle
oCGdiObject< HBITMAP >
|oCBitmapBitmap handle
|\CDibSectionDevice independent bitmap
oCGdiObject< HBRUSH >
|oCHatchBrushBrush handle
|oCPatternBrushBrush handle
|\CSolidBrushBrush handle
oCGdiObject< HFONT >
|\CFontFont handle
oCGdiObject< HPEN >
|\CPenPen handle
oCIDCInterface for device context functions
|oCBaseDCUnmanaged device context, to allow the user to call IDC functions on arbitrary DCs
|oCClientDCA client device context allows drawing to the client area of a window
|oCMemoryDCMemory device contexts attach themselves to a bitmap
|\CPaintDCA paint device context can only be called inside the WM_PAINT message handler
oCTreeView::ItemHandle to an item in the tree
oCIWindowInterface for common window functions
|oCControlBase class for all control wrappers
||oCButtonWrapper for buttons, radiobuttons, checkboxes, groupboxes
||oCComboBoxWrapper for combobox controls
||oCEditWrapper for edit controls
||oCListBoxWrapper for listbox controls
||oCListViewWrapper for list view controls
||oCProgressBarWrapper for progress bar controls
||oCScrollBarWrapper for scrollbar controls
||oCStaticCtrlWrapper for static controls
||oCStatusBarWrapper for status bar controls
||oCTabCtrlWrapper for tab controls
||\CTreeViewWrapper for tree view controls
|\CWindowObject oriented WINAPI window
| \CWindowModalThis window can enter a modal message loop
|\CListView::ColumnDataUsed to get or set values of a list column
|\CListView::ItemDataUsed to get or set values of a list item
oCmsgBaseWrap parameters of WndProc in a struct. Can be used for any message
|\CPointWindows POINT structure with constructor
|\CRectWindows RECT structure with constructor
oCSaveRestoreDCWraps SaveDC in an object oriented way
|\CSizeWindows SIZE structure with constructor
|\CTreeView::ItemDataUsed to get or set values of a HTREEITEM
oCWindowMessageHandlerArbitrary message handler functions can be passed to this class
|\CWindowObject oriented WINAPI window
\CWindowParamsCreation parameters for the Window class