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Font Class Reference

Font handle More...

#include <gdi.h>

Inheritance diagram for Font:
GdiObject< HFONT >

Public Member Functions

 Font (HFONT font=NULL)
 Font (int height, const FontParams &params=FontParams())
void Create (int height, const FontParams &params=FontParams())
void CreateDefaultFont ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from GdiObject< HFONT >
 GdiObject (HFONTpHandle=NULL)
 operator HFONT ()
void SetHandle (HFONTpHandle)

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from GdiObject< HFONT >
HFONT handle

Detailed Description

Font handle

Member Function Documentation

void Font::CreateDefaultFont ( )

Create a font consistent with the operating system.

  • On older OS this will be Tahoma 8pt
  • Starting with Vista it is Segoe UI 9pt

So be sure your app layout handles varying font sizes correctly if you use this function.

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